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During the 2020 pandemic I did research on it: LINK

Link to the list of my scientific pubblications.

As you can see from the above list, I have been involved for years mainly in the field of telecommunication mathematics.
The world of telecommunications is rapidly changing. The 4G standard is predictably followed by 5G. With all the consequent advantages. What 5G will do is well said in this 2 minute video:


"remote control of all controls, from door locks that will become electric (...) maybe inject or release a medical substance (...) everything can be done remotely almost instantly"
(The risks of all this are clearly imagibable in a hypothetical disrespectful regime, so to speak).

My other scientific researches, some of which are now completed:

* About convex tomography Link...
* About long sequences in General Topology Link...
* About some equations of Fluid Dynamics Link...
* About coding theory Link. Link.
* About function approximation Link to a copy. Link. Link to a copy. Link to a video.
* About tridimensional radiographies Link.
Minor mathematical researches, non-mathematical researches, scientific divulgation: