Fulvio Crisciani

Scientific Activity:
Fulvio Crisciani is graduated in 
Physics (University of Trieste) and
postgraduated at the Advanced School 
of Physics (ICTP and University of Trieste). 
Presently he is a senior scientist 
on the permanent staff of the 
Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR)
of the National Research Council of Italy 
(CNR) and lecturer of Geophysical Fluid 
Dynamics at the University of Trieste. 
He is a mathematically oriented ocean
theorist and author of about 70 refereed 
scientific papers  and two books 
(in italian).
Recent Pubblications:
Fulvio Crisciani and Roberto Purini (2003):
A note on the dynamic boundary conditions
in Munk-like circulation models. Eur.
Phys. J., B 31, 571-575;

Fulvio Crisciani and Fabio Raicich (2004):
A minimal model of adiabatic 
isotherm surfacing in very shallow waters.
Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 4, 113-125;

Fulvio Crisciani (2004): Nonlinear stability 
of the Sverdrup flow against 
mesescale disturbances. Il Nuovo Cimento, 27 C, 7-16.